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Individual Counseling  

Sometimes most difficult obstacles are ones that we have to deal with ourselves.  Whether it’s trying to recover from a traumatic event or attempting to overcome a self-defeating attitude, sometimes we just find ourselves in a hole that’s too difficult to dig out of alone.  That is why Lori is here to provide you with the support that you need through personalized individual counseling.  Lori will help you take a deeper personal look at yourself, analyzing your behaviors and feelings, and then help you find the path to accomplish your goals.

Couples Counseling

While loving someone may be easy, a relationship requires a lot of work from both sides.  Couples have their own unique set of issues, causing friction that can damage an otherwise great relationship.  If you find you and your partner is a cycle of arguing and nothing seems to be resolved, couples therapy could help you re-establish the bond based on trust, respect, and love  that brought you together in the first place. Learn more about how couples counseling can help your relationship blossom again.

Family Counseling

The connection between our family members is deeper than any normal personal relationship, functioning as a system of support and unconditional love that can make life a little easier. However, bringing more people into the equation can complicate things, from differing opinions to the ripple effect that your actions can now have, even the strongest family bonds can be damaged or broken.  Family therapy and counseling with Lori can help repair or maintain those family bonds and ensure that you have the happy and fulfilling family life that you deserve. Learn more how family counseling can help you today!

Find Your Happiness Today!  

Contact Lori to receive a free consultation, and see how her professional counseling services can benefit you, your relationship, or your family and help you find the path to a happier life.  We proudly serve clients from Orange County, San Bernadino and Los Angeles Counties including Diamond Bar, Brea, Rowland Heights and  surrounding areas.  

Everyone has their own approach and reaction to challenges that come their way.  For many, it’s very easy for particularly difficult challenges to hold us back from being happy, overwhelming us with emotions of anger, depression, or anxiety that can end up having serious negative effects on our personal, couple, and family lives.

At Lori Drozd Counseling, she has  created a safe and comfortable environment where you can come and face your problems head on.  Lori’s personal approach will empower you to find the root of the issue, find a solution, and apply it to your life so you can live a happier, healthier life. 

Counseling & Therapy

Couples Counseling

Love isn’t always perfect; but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth fighting for. For some couples who have found love, it may sometimes seem to fade away or be clouded by painful arguing and a loss of trust. A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere. Often, couples get stuck in a cycle of arguing, but are unable to address and resolve the issue. The good news is that there is a way to restore trust and that special connection that brought you together in the first place, with a little help from Lori Drozd Counseling in Irvine.